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So you're thinking you want a model to train your residents or for your own practice, but you aren't sure what you need and how much it will cost!  We recognize that everyone's needs and budgets are different, so we decided to provide everything 'a-la-carte, so you can get exactly what you need and stay within your budget.


Here is some guidance:

1. If you are looking for the least expensive model, are teaching while sitting calmly at a table, and using it for cricothyroidotomy, tracheostomy, or the basics of open airway surgery, then you will be happy with the Essential Front of Neck Experience.  This involves a Cartridge Skin Fat (CSF-1). 

2. If you are looking for a more realistic experience to perform cricothyroidotomy, tracheostomy, or open airway surgery, or wish to run a simulation with a mannequin (i.e. SimMan), then you will be happy with the Deluxe Front of Neck Experience. This involves a Base (BA-1) made of durable ABS plastic that is reusable, Cartridge (CA-1), and Skin Fat Wraparound (SKFW-1). 


3. If you are looking to teach or learn how to carve rib grafts, either for open airway surgery, otological or nasal surgery, you will be happy with the Rib Cartilage (RC-10).

4. If you are looking for an infant model to teach parents how to care for a tracheostomy tube (i.e. change tube, suction tube), or to teach flexible nasopharyngoscopy, flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES), or flexible bronchoscopy, then you will be happy with the Sagittal Head and Neck (6 months old).  All structures are simultaneously 3-D printed into this life-like model over 24 hours.  Due to the expensive cost of printing materials and maintenance of the printer, this model costs a bit more.  However, this cost will be saved by shortening one patient's stay in hospital by one to two days!

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further explanation of costs and materials.  Discounts may be provided for larger volume orders.

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